President - Robert Loeb

Secretary - Susan Lucas

Treasurer - John White

The North Salem Lions were formed in 1967 thanks to the efforts of Les Finlay and sponsor, Brewster Lions.  The first officers were Ferdinand Guss, president; Theodore Taylor, first vice-president; William Muggleston, second vice-president; Alfred Mulkern, third vice-president; Richard Yakman, Secretary; Leslie Finlay, treasurer; Robert Kilcoyne, lion tamer and Joseph Kingsley, tail twister and they boasted 40 to 50 members in the early years!

Today's Lions are a diverse group of men and women who continue to share a common, defining trait -- a commitment 

To Serve

The first project undertaken was to help obtain an ambulance to serve our community.  The Lions raised the money and many of the members were instrumental in forming our Volunteer Ambulance Corps.    For their second project they partnered with local boy scouts Troop 1 to clean up the Purdys railroad station because the depot had been destroyed by fire the year before.  Next came the creation of the baseball fields at Joe Bohrdrum Park.

The list of services goes on including scholarships for students, donations to local organizations and raisng money for folks in need.  In more recent times the Lions participated in and eventually took over the running of the annual Harvest Festival.  They organized an annual golf tournament which carries on to this day, and they ran a very successful fundraising campaign during Covid-19 (see story on the Latest page).

The Lions maintain a community center at the corner of Titicus River Road and Route 22.   The facility is also being used by youth groups and clubs and is the venue for educational and recreational classes.

Contact info: Robert Loeb, 914-760-5675

  John White, 914-276-3322 

North Salem Lions    P O Box 307, North Salem, New York 10560

2024 Club Members - dedicated to serving you!